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All Bangla Newspapers, Bangladeshi News Media list

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The live online Bangladesh Media and TV Channels

The live online Bangladesh Media and TV Channels

Role of Bangladesh Media and TV Channels
Media plays a very important role in the overall development and improving the state. It can change society. There are multiple media channels like ATN News (Live) ATN News is a leading 24-hour news TV channel in Bangla, Bangla Vision. Watch Bangla Vision Live, Independent TV, and much other influence our social, political, economic aspects. Normally every person watches TV shows at the night. So changing the norms of the media for the betterment of society is so important. Bangladesh's government is trying to give freedom to the media world for getting economic and social development and trying to enhance education. Education is the first pillar for getting awareness.

Role of Bangladesh Media
There are multiple roles that the Bangladesh media is performing for the betterment of the state. These roles for the developments are given below.
• Media role for the people awareness
• Role of media for economic prosperity
• Role of media for educational development

Media Role for the People Awareness
Bangladesh media is trying to raise questions on the social problems because societies make nations. They are making programs for social development. There is a cartoon show Meena. It raised basic social problems. In this show, society learned about the reason behind food deficiency, rules and laws, and education problems. The media tried to aware people about discipline with the help of this show. I think media is as important as the other institutes are playing a role like a judiciary and executive. So the Bangladesh government needs to give them full freedom. The population is becoming a very big problem in Bangladesh. During this pandemic of Covid-19, there were million unintended pregnancies. So the media needs to cover the programs on population control. Because this rapid increase in the population due to the half-baked policies can become the reason for grave problems of social, administrative. But no heed is being paid a great pity to it. But the only way to get social development is awaking the people with the help of media.

Role of Media for Economic Prosperity
In this increasingly connected world, it is important or maybe public demand to raise the questions of economic problems on media. It can give a picture of the country to the people. I think the media can play a better role in economic development by digital marketing. It can guide the people regarding international markets. The forex market is very big. So giving the knowledge about online businesses can flourish the economy. So the media needs to engage the people for development. They need to make programs on digital marketing because everything will be performed on a digital basis in the next few years. So media can play a very important role in the economic development of the country. And the fewer media development can lead to massive social discontentment. . But no heed is being paid a great pity to it. But the only way to get economic development is awaking the people with the help of media

Role of Media for Educational Development
Bangladesh media and online channels are playing a crucial role in the overall development of the country. They come with educational pages that can enhance their abilities of creativity and critical thinking. Having degrees without understanding is like swimming against the tides. But the newspapers and media industry of Bangladesh is providing very good stuff to the people. It is enhancing their creativity. They can understand the perspective of the world in the newspapers. Some newspapers publish the weekly magazine that publishes the news on technology and English grammar. That helps them to understand the innovation and technology of the world.