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All Bangla Newspapers, Bangladeshi News Media list

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All National Newspapers Bangladesh

All National Newspapers Bangladesh

All National Newspapers Bangladesh

Newspapers play a very important role in the overall health and well-being of the modern nation-state. If any country has to emerge as a strong, stable, and moderate polity, it must be able to provide better awareness to the people. Bangladesh has multiple popular newspapers like financial express, daily sun, the daily observer, Dhaka Tribune, and many others that are playing a very good role in awareness. Bangladesh media industry is providing good educational stuff to the people with the help of newspapers. It is as important as the judiciary and executive. When the students read the newspapers, it exacerbates their reading habits. Newspapers give them a different perspective of the world and cultures. So Bangladesh newspaper is playing a very important role in the educational world.

Bangladesh Newspapers for Educational Development

Bangladesh newspapers like Dhaka tribune, the daily star are playing a crucial role in the overall development of the country. They come with educational pages that can enhance their abilities of creativity and critical thinking. Having degrees without understanding is like swimming against the tides. But the newspapers and media industry of Bangladesh is providing very good stuff to the people. It is enhancing their creativity. They can understand the perspective of the world in the newspapers. Some newspapers publish the weekly magazine that publishes the news on technology and English grammar. That helps them to understand the innovation and technology of the world.

Newspaper of Bangladesh for Cultural Development

Dhaka Tribune, the daily star, Ittefaq, Samalal, and Manab Zamin newspapers come with the page about the world. These newspapers help the students to understand the world. So that they can understand the norms and social values of any country easily. So newspapers also give the cultural information of the world. The students with the subject of political science, international relations, and geography can take the plethora of information from these pages. In a nutshell, the newspapers are crucial for the overall development of the students.

Newspapers for Awareness

Newspapers of Bangladesh like Dhaka tribune, the daily star, Ittefaq, Samalal, and Manab Zamin are playing a very important role in awaking the people. They are raising women’s education. They are focusing on the development of an equal society because it is not possible to progress without women. So the parents are now focusing on girl’s education. So media is a very good awareness platform in Bangladesh for awareness. Newspapers are clearly presenting pictures of society. They talk about the serious topic of the country like food problems, unequal distribution of money, non-availability of a uniform system of education, and early marriages. So the newspapers are playing a very important role by enlightening the different social and educational problems.


It is indeed a ring of truth Bangladesh newspapers are playing a very important role in the educational world. 

But they need to take some steps to make this industry a good one. Because hoping to return to stability without a newspaper is a misnomer. So the government needs to make the industry of media a good one. Almost 20% of the people are still under some form of media darkness. Most of the students don’t like to read newspapers. But the teachers and society need to promulgate the newspaper as part of the curriculum.