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Meherpur Pratidin

Meherpur is the only newspaper from Meherpur (Bangladesh). Meherpur’s (Bangladesh) leading Online newspaper updating 24/7 with latest, breaking, politics, business, technology, world, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and crime news.

Meherpur Pratidin established its place in the media scene of Meherpur on April 3, 2018 as an independent newspaper and online news portal.

Meherpur Pratidin committed to share latest and updated news on real time or as soon as possible, even Meherpur Pratidin shares live videos on Facebook and YouTube. We collect news information from our primary sources, even from secondary sources like other local newspapers, national newspapers and international newspapers. the domain registered on 03th April 2018. About 35 to 45 thousand of readers/visitors Meherpur Pratidin, and about 120,000 page views gets each month. Readers/visitors are maximum from Meherpur district, and all over Bangladesh, few reade